bigstock_Fitness_and_health_concept_in__25382894_thumbWelcome to Best Body Fitness!!! Where achieving your best self can help you achieve your best body – a strong, fit, healthy body inside and out. Best Body Fitness is a site dedicated to helping you achieve your best.

  • more positive mindset
  • an overall healthier lifestyle
  • greater levels of fitness
  • reshaping your physique
  • increasing strength
  • improved energy
  • becoming the healthiest you possible

My name is Tina Reale and I’m committed to helping you reach your personal best. I have a strong passion for health and wellness, as well as a desire to encourage and inspire others towards their goals. My goal through Best Body Fitness is for you to find YOUR best body – not only in a strong, healthy, energetic, happy, and fit body, but also in reaching an emotionally and mentally healthy place. Because becoming your best on the inside will help you become your best on the outside. Fit looks good on every body…inside and out…and it IS your best body.


Visit Best Body Fitness to find encouragement and support. Stay tuned for regular training tips, healthy recipes, motivational topics, inspiring thoughts, body image discussions, and more. Check out the blog to share your thoughts and so we can connect, because I believe in the value of relationships. Go deeper by signing up for Best Body Bootcamp - the 8 week workout plan geared for YOU. There is truly something for everyone here. Thanks for being a part of Best Body Fitness! Here’s to our best bodies, but more importantly, our best selves!