Yoga for CrossFit Lovers & Athletes

by tinareale on December 8, 2014

30 Minute Yoga for CrossFit & Athletes now to get the benefits of this Yoga for CrossFit workout later!

 Morning! I have a treat for all of you out there who enjoy fitness activities other than yoga. This 30 minute Yoga for CrossFit video practice is 100% geared to stretching out the muscles that support so many physical activities. One of my fellow lululemon ambassadors from CrossFit North Fulton requested I put together a video for her to share with her members. I love Kim Trego, so happily decided to honor her request.

This Yoga for CrossFit practice hits all of the following:

  • stretches and opens the chest and shoulders
  • balances out the hamstrings and quadriceps with a bit more suppleness
  • relieves tension in the hips
  • works to strengthen the lower back and core for the stability and control required in so many of the physical activities we do

You can see that while this Yoga for CrossFit video was created for my CrossFit friends, it can benefit any sort of athlete – runners, weight training lovers, cyclists, gym-goers, and also us yogis. Roll out your mat, give it a try, and feel the benefits in your body! Namaste!

*Always work within a pain-free range of motion. Yoga poses should have a sense of “effortless ease” so please move mindfully and take any modifications needed. If you have any injuries or other health conditions, check with your doctor for any special precautions to make your practice work for you.

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