How I Stay Motivated

by tinareale on November 22, 2011

How do I stay motivated? I don’t like to answer such a question with a basic answer but it really does boil down to one thing – I stay motivated to eat nutritiously and maintain workouts because I feel so much better when I do. Going a few days without that balance in my life leaves me out of sorts and feeling unlike myself, which I have obviously struggled with more during pregnancy.

Perhaps I didn’t always have the motivation I have now, though? Perhaps it was tougher initially and now it has become second nature that its easy to naturally maintain momentum and motivation? With that in mind I branched out to other things that keep me motivated and focusing on health.

Eat & Do What I Enjoy – I find healthy food choices, recipes, and combos that I actually like eating. I no longer force myself to follow food rules. For workouts, I pick things that are fun to me. I took time to discover what I truly like and try to incorporate those as often as possible. It doesn’t feel like a chore when I make decisions that suit my preferences.


Variety Is The Spice of Life – I consistently mix up my workouts. I make a point to try new recipes regularly. I try very hard to keep myself from falling into a rut. This makes healthy living more fun.

Surround Myself With Like-Minded People – This is where blogs come in to play. I read many blogs and each one inspires me in various ways. Plus, they provide me with the ideas to keep more variety. You can also find friends to work out with or keep in touch with when things are tough. I’m always just an email, tweet, or FB comment away if you need a dose of support, too. Winking smile

I’m An Example – Little M and Baby B will look up to me when forming their eating habits. My actions and how I spend my time will influence their own as they grow. I want my children to be healthy, but in a natural and non-pressured way. The best way to do that, in my opinion, comes through practicing what I preach. Living for my family is HUGE motivation. It makes me smile that M will ask to “kickbox with Mommy” or that she seems so proud when we go to the gym and she says “Mommy workout”.


Mini Challenges – I have also joined in various challenges or started personal ones of my own to get my butt in gear with certain things. Sometimes making the process a game with some a reward can initiate changes and go a long way.

Move On – When starting out with new & healthier habits, I always give them time to sink in and really become part of my lifestyle. I avoid thinking in terms of “good” or “bad” days. Every decision counts towards a greater picture. Whenever I get caught up in trying to be perfect with eating or workouts, I end up losing all motivation as things inevitably get thrown off course.

Those are just a few of my big ones off the top of my head. I certainly don’t think they are anything new or life-altering, but they help me keep focus on healthier living.

  • What helps you stay motivated in your healthy habits? Have your motivating factors changed with time?

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