Challenging Circuit Workout

by tinareale on November 22, 2011

I got my workout groove on this morning. You know how some workouts leave you with the biggest endorphin rush and make you want to fist pump your way out of the gym? I do. And I had to refrain from the fist pumping as I left the gym today.  I switched things up a little bit by splitting up my full body weights with some action on various cardio equipment. Hold onto your hats, friends! This workout is a doozy!

Elliptical – 10 mins

Minutes Level Speed RPE
0-5 5 60 5
5-10 8 60 7

Weights – Superset 1

Stationary Lunge – 3×15 per leg with Narrow Pulldown – 3×10

Cross Trainer – 15 mins

Minutes Incline/Resistance Speed RPE
0-3 7/7 moderate 6
3-5 10/7 quick 8
5-6 10/10 push it! 9
6-12 repeat intervals repeat intervals repeat intervals
12-15 7/7 quick 7

Weights – Superset 2

Step Ups – 3×15 per leg with Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 3×8

Stepmill – 10 mins

Minutes Level Speed RPE
0 – 10 6 60 – 70 steps/min 6

Weights – Superset 3

Rear Delt Raise – 3×15 with Cable Triceps Pushdown – 3×15

Treadmill Cooldown – 5 min

Minutes Incline Speed RPE
0-5 1.0% 3.5 4


It looks like a lot, but in total it was 40 minutes of cardio with about 25 minutes of weights. The variety and constant movement take it up a notch, though. It sure kicked my butt. I always love adding variety to my workouts and this mix did a great job. Loved it!!

Obviously, I needed to refuel after that workout. So, I turned to what I consider one of the best post-workout treats. A Green Monster. So healthy, refreshing, and YUM!

blender berrygreenmonster

This mix included a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, spinach, and almond milk. I also had some whole wheat pancake action on the side.


Peter started making some just as I left for the gym and I was set on having some post-workout. I couldn’t decide on toppings so I had a variety, just like my workout. One with peanut butter. One with cranberry apple butter. One with traditional maple syrup.


Slurp. Chow. Satisfied Tina.

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