Sweaty Treadmill Workout

by tinareale on November 22, 2011

Yesterday, I finally got myself to spin class again. Since I had run on Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t want to run again so soon on Wednesday morning. I decided to go to spin instead and it was a fabulous decision!

I think I have been too caught up in trying to work my schedule to attend spin when one of my all-time favorite instructors teaches. That always left me with the option of going Monday night when my motivation drops drastically or on Tuesday mornings when it’s not the best time with Braedon’s napping schedule. Then, I gave in to a different instructor yesterday morning and ended up loving her!

She had just the right attitude I look for – upbeat and supportive, but still knows how to push and motivate the fire out of you. Plus, she chose really great and challenging tracks. I have a feeling I will be running Tuesday afternoons and taking spin class Wednesday mornings more often now. I actually loved the set-up. Yay! Smile

Then, today. Oh, today! This morning I hit up the gym to get my run on before having to head in to my co-hosting duties. (Did you catch that I joined the Dr. Fitness & The Fat Guy radio show for the day? Recap coming later!)

You know my typical relationship with the treadmill. We can act genial with each other but it takes a lot of effort. He’s a “frenemy” to the max. We don’t get along like he and Makenzie.

Mr. Treadmill decided to play nice today, though. I opted for an interval-style workout and loved every sweaty minute of it. It made the time fly and gave me a fun new challenge.


Sweaty Treadmill Intervals

Minutes Speed Effort Level
0 – 5 4.0 warm – up
5 – 10 6.0 jog
10 – 15 6.5 run
15 – 20 7.0 fast run
20 – 25 6.0 jog
25 – 30 7.0 fast run
30 – 31 5.0 recovery jog
31 – 32 9.0 spring
32 – 40 5.0 / 9.0 continue altering every other minute between recovery jog & sprint
40 – 45 4.0 cool – down


Whew. That will get you where it hurts…but I promise you will feel so good once you finish. I could start singing a different tune about Mr. Treadmill if he continues to treat me this well!

  • What is the last GREAT workout you had?


1 Leah December 13, 2011 at 3:58 pm

This looks like a great interval workout. I love changing the speed up throughout my workout on the treadmill. Sometimes I’ll run for 10 minutes (at 6 mph) and then do 10 minutes of hill walking (10% incline at 4 mph speed), then do some sprints to finish my workout off. Sprinting for me is about 8mph. Not sure I could manage 9! Maybe i’ll work my way up to it. Thanks for this, i’ll be printing it!

2 tinareale December 13, 2011 at 11:00 pm

I love this one! It KILLS!

3 Janice June 4, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Thanks!! I did this today & I agree, it’s a good feeling to know I did it. I didn’t make it thru all the sprints – but I was happy with the 4 miles in 39:08. I’ll be doing it again & will watch for new treadmill workouts you may post in the future.
God bless you with continued health!

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