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by tinareale on May 14, 2013

Good morning! Today I have another Best Body Bootcamp participant highlight for you! This one is pretty special as Kristina was one of my personal plan clients before moving over to BBB. She is hard-working and absolutely beautiful inside and out. Join me in welcoming her today!


NAME: Kristina

kristina 2

SHARE A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m a newlywed living in beautiful California! I work in corporate America and sell Arbonne (all-natural, toxin-free skin care products) on the side. I’ve always been a somewhat active person, working out inconsistently (i.e. only 2-4 days a week for a couple weeks at a time, then a break of nothing or 1 day a week). I used to try to run a lot, but always got bored after 4-5 miles and a couple weeks. I got bored with gym classes after a couple weeks too, because they were the same thing over and over. In the past year, I’ve become more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle after finding random blogs to read, which includes regular workouts (strength and cardio), eating less processed food and using all-natural products. I stumbled upon Tina’s website and signed up for a personalized session right after my honeymoon and I was hooked!

ROUNDS OF BBB PARTICIPATED IN: I’m on my 2ndRound, but I did 2 personalized sessions with Tina before that.

WHY DID YOU JOIN BBB? I was tired of my lack of workout routine/schedule and needed better direction of what workouts I should be doing. I needed a change. I wanted a schedule, new exercises and to get my butt kicked!

SOMETHING YOU HAVE ENJOYED: The accountability! I’m a total Type-A person, so as flexible as this program is, I’ve really enjoyed the structure of it. It has helped me make the habit of working out 5 days a week. I schedule everything around getting my 5 days in and even between boot camps, I kept up the 5 days of a week workout schedule. And I love that I get new workouts every 2 weeks. I never get bored and that is key for me.

SOMETHING THAT SURPRISED YOU: I was surprised to realize how much I liked working out and how much it makes me happier, feel better, more productive and an all-around better person. It makes me healthier inside and out. I (and others around me) see a difference when I don’t get my 5 days in. oops! I have always read this side effect of exercise, but it was completely different to experience it for yourself.

FAVORITE EXERCISE OR WORKOUT FROM BBB? I love Workout B (Core Circuit) from BBB 4 Phase 1. And timed circuits are my favorite! I get excited when I see anything that is timed, includes strength and cardio to get my heart rate up.

WHAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS HAVE YOU ACHIEVED DURING BBB? I’ve accomplished finally adding consistent, regular workouts into my routine. And I’m on the path to moving more and more towards the healthy lifestyle I want for myself and family. I’ve also accomplished gaining confidence in my abilities. I’m using heavier weights and different machines that I never would have used in the past. And it’s a great feeling when I see my progress and how much stronger I’m getting.


My two biggest struggles were:

  1. Trying to get back into working out after taking a break (i.e. being sick, injury, etc).
  2. Making the time to workout after my schedule changed with getting a puppy and starting  a side business.

A few tips I have:

  1. Schedule your workouts. I use Google calendar. I have my personal events in red and my workouts in blue. That has helped me so much stay on track.
  2. Find others who do BBB or workout regularly to help you stay motivated. I have a friend doing BBB and my husband works out, so I have people to talk about working out with and that just keeps me excited and motivated.

I’m still looking for tips to accomplish everything you need to in 24 hours, so feel free to send those my way. Winking smile 

HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED? The tracker for prizes is what keeps me motivated. I have to mark if I actually worked out and achieved my goals. I don’t like to fail, so that keeps me motivated. Talking with others who workout (i.e. friends, the BBB facebook group) helps too because you get ideas and stay motivated/excited about the program/working out.

ANY OTHER THOUGHTS YOU WISH TO SHARE: When I look back at this whole experience, its funny (for lack of a better word) for me to see how this one program has changed so much of my life. This program single-handedly jump-started my healthy lifestyle change. I pay more attention to taking care of my body, what goes in it and on it. I workout regularly, I eat cleaner and I now sell toxin-free Arbonne products, all which support my new healthy lifestyle. (Total call out here: If anyone is interested in Arbonne products, email me: [email protected])

Thanks Tina for a great program! You have a BBB subscriber for life here!

And thanks, Kristina, for being a loyal member. It wouldn’t be the same without you and I know I would have missed you after our personal sessions ended.

Now you tell us – Have you ever struggled to keep up with a routine? Does your work support your appreciation for health, like Kristina’s?


1 Ali May 14, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Beautiful wedding pic with some great advice!

2 Heather May 14, 2013 at 4:24 pm

beautiful photo! I always struggle with routine b/c I travel so much!

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