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by tinareale on October 11, 2013

Good morning! Welcome to another Fit Friends feature. This week I have Becca sharing a bit about herself. She is a wonderful person (and even a former personal training client of mine) and really enjoy sharing all about balancing a fit and full life. Go ahead and check her out and make a new fit friend!


NAME & BLOG NAME/URL: Hi Everyone! I’m Becca and I blog over at also catch me on twitter at @famfaithfitness

SUM UP YOUR BLOG: My blog focuses on my passions in life, being a mom, cooking lover, and a newbie runner. I am dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle while also including my family. This past summer my husband and I decided it was time to teach the kids more about being healthy and getting in plenty of activity instead of playing video games and watching tv. We cancelled out cable and went out for a 2-4 mile walk/run at least 5 times a week. I started my blog to encourage other mama’s, stay at home or working, it is possible to be healthy while including your family instead of trying to do it on your own. I also share my struggles with binging and emotional eating.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO STAY FIT? My favorite way to stay fit is nightly walk/runs with my family. Do we run every night? No, but we always make it at point to at least walk 2 miles! I also LOVE playing volleyball. Right now I’m helping coach a high school volleyball team, so I get in a lot of work helping them and participating in their trainings. I am in charge of the conditioning at the end of practice. I have 10 minutes to get in an effective workout, so I like to do them all before they do to make sure it is short and sweet yet effective!

DO YOU HAVE ANY CURRENT GOALS OR RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO SHARE? This past summer I did my first 5k. I finished dead last, but I DID IT! I was upset by the fact that I was last, but then several people reminded me YOU. DID. IT! My goals are to run five 5k’s next summer and NOT finish last!


WHAT IS YOUR #1 TIP FOR HEALTHY LIVING? Do what you love. If you hate running don’t try to run. You have to make it fun for YOU. I love to include my family (most of the time) because they keep me going. Also, find a buddy. My husband is my buddy and he knows when I’m just being lazy or when I really need a rest day. He has been my rock and my running partner from the beginning.


ANYTHING ELSE YOU WISH TO SHARE: I started my blog, in June 2013, to stay accountable motivated, and to show other mama’s it IS possible to be healthy and have kids. I never realized what a wonderful and supportive community I would find online. I am grateful for all the tips and tricks from everyone and thank you very much Tina for this opportunity to share my story.

Your Turn – Becca mentions having a fitness buddy to help motivate her. Do you have a fitness buddy? Who is it? And if not, to what/where do you turn for a motivation boost? 

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