Yoga Playlist of the Week: No Place For Fear

by tinareale on October 16, 2014

In this week’s class, we worked on a few poses that can bring up a natural sense of fear – working on arm balances and even headstands. To remove that sense of fear, we took our time with each pose of our practice – breaking the poses down, truly focusing on the task at hand. Then, we brought that same element of focus and took things step by step to get into our peak poses with a lot less fear.

In order to develop this sense of focus in the class, I put together a playlist that had slower building energy through all our warm-up and sun salutations. Then, things picked up a bit for a few quick flows to really amp up our energy and excitement for the peak poses – even with a little inspiration to go flying. The playlist finishes up with some instrumental music to bring all the created energy back to a one-pointed focus, to take in just how much we can accomplish when we allow no room for fear and doubt.

Check out the songs and even purchase directly from iTunes or Amazon any of the songs you really like below!

Yoga Playlist - No Place For Fear




Let me know how you like it and if you find any new songs you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Amazon and iTunes are affiliate links. I thank you in advance for the support!

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