Fun Fitness

by tinareale on July 24, 2013

Fitness fun. Fun fitness. Two things that, in my mind, should always go together. If you read my blog, then you should know that I firmly believe in finding ways of getting active that you actually like. You should enjoy moving your body. It should add to your life, not make you hate life. If […]

How Do You Measure Up?

by tinareale on June 25, 2013

Last week I shared a post on overcoming obstacles to fitness, health, and diet goals. I included among those obstacles the sense of not seeing β€œenough progress” from the effort you give to your goals. Makes sense. No one wants to do work and get nothing in return. Except maybe Mother Teresa, but I sure […]

Planning for the Obstacles

by tinareale on June 19, 2013

Well, this morning sure came early. Whew. Whenever I seem to stay up past 10 o’clock, I feel it hardcore when the alarm goes off at 4:45 the next morning. It was all for a good reason though. Last night was the first Twitter chat of the summer round of Best Body Bootcamp (yes, you […]