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Random Rambles

by tinareale on February 15, 2013

I’m sipping my coffee right now hoping for a jolt of energy to come quickly. Man alive I feel drained for some reason. It’s not even like I had a late night last night or anything. We don’t really do Valentine’s Day here. I put some strawberries cut up to look like hearts in the […]

Life Right Now

by tinareale on January 31, 2013

Warning. Heavy post ahead. I debated getting into this in a blog post, but when I have such things running through my head it is in my nature to share. So share I will. Do you ever feel like the world (or, in my opinion, God) is just speaking to you? You can’t seem to […]

Friday Countdown

by tinareale on January 4, 2013

In lieu of my regular “Scenes from the Week” and “Saturday Shares” posts, I’m bringing back an oldie but goodie format this week. With the loads of organization for Best Body Bootcamp I have had to finish this week, I simply haven’t had much blog reading time or photo taking time. I still wanted to […]