A Day of Post-Vacation Eats

by tinareale on March 6, 2013

How long does it take you to feel normal again after a vacation? Generally it takes me only a day or two, but things seem to be lingering this time around. Even with trying to have some semblance of balanced vacation eating, I still indulged a lot more than normal….and am feeling the after effects. […]

Tropical Tango Smoothie

by tinareale on February 27, 2013

You know what? If I could have shoved each one of you into my suitcase to bring with me to the beach, then I would have. How fun would that have been? A blast! We would have sat beachside, chatting it up, and sipping some sort of frosty tropical beverage. Ahhh, the good life. Obviously, […]

Man, oh, man. Sometimes coming home to get back in a regular routine challenges the pants off me. Other times, it feels incredibly good. This week would be the latter, fortunately. Being home with my family is certainly the main reason, but I also think I missed my workouts! I did manage some short sessions […]