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Life Lately: Birthday Edition

by tinareale on August 28, 2013

***Fall session of Best Body Bootcamp begins in TWO WEEKS! Don’t forget to register!** As you probably have heard me mention already, my birthday was last Friday. And even though it’s already been about a week since all the birthday fun, I still must recap it all. My biggest request for any birthday is to […]

Three Dates & Fall BBB Registration Info

by tinareale on August 14, 2013

Rise and shine and time for another day. Time has been dragging a bit for me this week, but it’s gone better than expected. I’m still adjusting to the three weeks I have between when my babysitter had to go back to college and when the kids go back to preschool. Fitting in work without […]

A Weekend In My Favorite Southern Town

by tinareale on December 11, 2012

Now, you know I can’t give you my half marathon race recap without also doing a run down of my overall trip. And I certainly have a lot to share. Peter and I made the most of our weekend away in Charleston, that’s for sure. Even after returning for the third time, it still remains […]