full marathon

I’ve Got Some Bad News

by tinareale on June 26, 2012

I’ve got some bad news. Well, bad news for me. For you? You might not care much at all. But I do. So here we are. The news? The Chicago Marathon = ain’t happening. Am I bummed? INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED AND CAN’T BELIEVE IT KIND OF BUMMED!!!  Yeah. I’ve known in my gut for a couple […]

How would I describe running my first full marathon? The hardest thing I have ever done. Hands down. EVER. Even harder than childbirth since they don’t have epidurals for marathons. And my marathon took longer than both my labor and deliveries. It hurt. I cried. It hurt more. I cried more. Yet, as I type […]

I Made It Happen

by tinareale on April 20, 2012

I had a Fun Fact Friday post all ready to go for this morning, but instead I just have to share something else! That would be the result of an impromptu 16 mile run decision. Sixteen miles on a Thursday afternoon? Definitely not my ideal, but I got it in and done. You see, we […]