Friday Five

by tinareale on November 8, 2013

FIVE PINTEREST PINS FIVE SCENES FROM INSTAGRAM If you want a delicious new dinner recipe to try, then I highly suggest the Crock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches that Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats posted recently. We had them for dinner one night this past week and they were so good. SO SO good. In order […]

Life Lately: Birthday Edition

by tinareale on August 28, 2013

***Fall session of Best Body Bootcamp begins in TWO WEEKS! Don’t forget to register!** As you probably have heard me mention already, my birthday was last Friday. And even though it’s already been about a week since all the birthday fun, I still must recap it all. My biggest request for any birthday is to […]

Life Lately

by tinareale on August 21, 2013

Oh, man. This week is already a doozy. The kids have been sick. I haven’t been feeling too well lately. It’s still been good, though, with the kick off of Best Body Bootcamp registration. Plus, it’s my birthday on Friday. Hopefully all the summer colds will evacuate by then, along with whatever zilch energy funk […]