What If Every Day Were New Years Day?

by tinareale on January 1, 2014

REGISTER HERE FOR WINTER 2014 BEST BODY BOOTCAMP use code HOLIDAYBBB for $5 off through January 3rd Itโ€™s been a long while since I have ever set any resolutions for a new year. The past few years, I have instead put my focus on a โ€œtheme wordโ€ for the year. Words like JOY or TRUST […]

Fun Fitness

by tinareale on July 24, 2013

Fitness fun. Fun fitness. Two things that, in my mind, should always go together. If you read my blog, then you should know that I firmly believe in finding ways of getting active that you actually like. You should enjoy moving your body. It should add to your life, not make you hate life. If […]

Do They Match?

by tinareale on July 17, 2013

What are five of your biggest passions? What things drive you? What things fulfill you? To what things do you give of yourself, yet still get filled back up in return because of your deep affection for them? We need to know these things so we can know if the way we spend our days […]