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Holiday Workout Plan and Nutrition E-Book Now For Sale! It’s official, I’m in Christmas spirit mode! How about you? If not, I can understand that too. It can be a hectic time of year with lots of extra stress, whether it be the kind we put on ourselves or the kind caused by stressful situations […]

Do You Do Working Intervals?

by tinareale on November 20, 2013

You may have noticed that after blogging on Monday last week I took the remainder of the week off. I still was active in the Holiday Workout Plan’s Facebook support group and emails, but besides that I laid kind of low on social media and didn’t do any blogging or workout planning. I gave myself […]

I like to workout. It’s a mental release for me. I view it as my quality time with myself. It truly makes me not only a healthier person, but a better person. I’m also a fitness professional. Staying in shape is important because I want to set a good example. I don’t want or need […]