What If Every Day Were New Years Day?

by tinareale on January 1, 2014

REGISTER HERE FOR WINTER 2014 BEST BODY BOOTCAMP use code HOLIDAYBBB for $5 off through January 3rd It’s been a long while since I have ever set any resolutions for a new year. The past few years, I have instead put my focus on a “theme word” for the year. Words like JOY or TRUST […]

Holiday Workout Plan and Nutrition E-Book Now For Sale! It’s official, I’m in Christmas spirit mode! How about you? If not, I can understand that too. It can be a hectic time of year with lots of extra stress, whether it be the kind we put on ourselves or the kind caused by stressful situations […]

IT Matters

by tinareale on October 30, 2013

Good morning, all! I was so glad to see that you all enjoyed the Top Ten Workouts post I shared on Monday! Now I simply must share about my past weekend. I know it’s been a few days since then, but it was such an incredible weekend that I can’t let it pass without telling […]