Guest Post: Using A Planner To Achiever Your Goals

by tinareale on January 9, 2013

Morning all you wonderful people! I’m happy to bring another wonderful guest post to you. This one comes from Kimberly at the blog Work It Out, Gurl. In keeping with yesterday’s theme of sticking with the goals we have, Kimberly gives some great tips on how simply using a planner makes a difference. Writing it […]

Making Effective Use of Time

by tinareale on January 24, 2012

Alternative Title: How The Freak I Get It All Done!! I juggle a lot of things in life. I’m a mother. I’m a blogger/personal trainer. I’m a fitness enthusiast training for my first full marathon. I’m a volunteer. I’m a small group facilitator. Basically…I’m a busy woman. I won’t pretend to have it together all […]