Day By Day

by tinareale on October 7, 2013

Good morning and happy Monday! Did you have a fabulous weekend? I hope you did! Things were great around here – did a bit of celebrating Makenzie’s upcoming birthday with a girls’ day, watched UGA come through with a win on Saturday night, and a fun filled Sunday with church, small group, family time, and […]

Do They Match?

by tinareale on July 17, 2013

What are five of your biggest passions? What things drive you? What things fulfill you? To what things do you give of yourself, yet still get filled back up in return because of your deep affection for them? We need to know these things so we can know if the way we spend our days […]

Center Your Hula Hoops

by tinareale on April 17, 2013

I had this post planned for yesterday, but after the events in Boston on Monday I just couldn’t put it up. I thought about reflecting on those instead, but decided there was so much of that around already. I decided to go ahead and publish this post today – because I feel the overall message […]