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#RnRNOLA Training Recap: Week 5

by tinareale on December 15, 2012

Good morning! I know you usually expect to come here and see Saturday Shares on the weekend. I decided to try something a bit different this weekend since I still have some training to recap from the week. Then, I promise to have lots of link love coming your way tomorrow morning. Deal? Deal! So, […]

Soooo…Not Really Doing Another Marathon

by tinareale on November 29, 2012

Yesterday, I feared saying that. Today, I embrace it. When I decided to train for another marathon I promised myself something. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Namely, I wouldn’t spend my training time fighting away an injury and hoping it doesn’t get worse. I have already done that once. Undoubtedly, the injury got […]

#RnRNOLA Training: Week 3

by tinareale on November 27, 2012

Yawn! Oh, man. I can tell I didn’t get near enough sleep last night. I went to bed later than I would have liked and then was up with the kids a couple of times. We have some sickness on our hands. I hate seeing my babies sick. It just means I get to cuddle […]