self-love reflection

Find Your “Happy Weight”

by tinareale on April 11, 2013

Recently I have had quite a few emails with questions about feeling good in your body and achieving a healthy, balanced weight. Questions about how I managed to find what I like to call my “happy weight”. Happy weight. It sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? But…what in the world does it even mean? How do […]

Dear Body, I Love You.

by tinareale on March 12, 2013

I specifically left one particular link off of my Weekly Reader post yesterday afternoon. Why? Well, Christine’s Letter To My Body post struck a chord with me after reading it last week. Then I read Angela’s own letter to her body. During my run yesterday morning, I kept pondering what these two beautiful women shared […]

I’m Not My Leanest

by tinareale on January 3, 2013

Lately, I have had something on my heart to share. I don’t know exactly where it stems from – some comments I have received, statements I have overheard from others, underlying thoughts from questions in emails from readers, or perhaps thinking on my word of the year. I may not know what to pinpoint as […]