sister date

A Sisterly Tradition

by tinareale on November 26, 2012

Good afternoon! So glad to see that so many of you enjoyed this morning’s Move It Monday post! I hope the upper and lower body compound exercises I shared will help keep your workouts fresh. At the very least, I hope they help you easily fit in a quick, but effective, workout during this busy […]


by tinareale on November 12, 2012

As promised, I’m back to fill you all in on the lovely little weekend I had. Things started off pretty low key with the chance to SLEEP IN on Saturday morning. Due to some recent schedule changes, I actually get to sleep in both Saturday AND Sunday on the weekend. It feels just as glorious […]

It Wasn’t Necessary

by tinareale on November 30, 2011

I finally saw Breaking Dawn!!! Way back when I used to teach high school, I kept hearing both students and teachers alike rave about the book series Twilight. I thought they were all crazy. What’s there to love about a teenage vampire love story drama? Come on! Then, I read one in an attempt to […]