Move It Monday: Countdown Workout & Some News

by tinareale on December 30, 2013

Yawn! Anyone else out there having to get used to an alarm again this week? Between the week I had the flu and the holidays, I haven’t had to wake up to an alarm in two weeks. This morning’s 4:45 am wake-up hit pretty hard. It came with good reason…to have some time to get […]

Move It Monday: Top Ten

by tinareale on October 28, 2013

For awhile now, I come to you on Monday with a fresh, new workout to share or some other fitness insight or motivation. Over time, I have shared quite a few of these workouts. You can find them all (or at least hopefully all if I have been doing a good job remembering to update) […]

Move It Monday: Getting PHAT

by tinareale on August 5, 2013

Who out there remembers the old-school acronym PHAT? If you’re a fellow 80s baby, I’m guessing that you do. Well, we’re getting PHAT today with today’s Move It Monday workout! I’m not talking “Pretty Hot And Tempting” PHAT, although I guess this workout could do that for you too. Instead, I’m taking a look at […]