Going Old School

by tinareale on June 20, 2013

Earlier this week, Melanie from the blog Nutritious Eats (go read her blog…filled with great recipes and a baby on the way) tagged me in a fun little survey post I’ve seen going around in a few places. I totally can’t pass up one of these things, so we’re doing it today. I officially tag […]

Healthy Living Survey

by tinareale on February 21, 2013

Sometimes you just have to go with a little fun. Especially when your brain has checked out for the week in anticipation of your week long cruise. It happens. I’ve given you a workout, a recipe, a motivational thought, and an inspirational guest post this week. I say we do a little random now. And […]

My Christmas Survey

by tinareale on December 20, 2012

Christmas. 5 days away. You knew that, right? That means I have quite a bit to do and Christmas filling my head. With little time and extra Christmas cheer the only thing I felt like posting today is the little Christmas blog survey roaming around the internet. You’ll play along with me, right? It can’t […]