The Season of Cheer…or Stress…Has Begun!

by tinareale on November 25, 2011

Good morning! Did all of you who celebrated have a wonderful Thanksgiving? I did! It was a wonderful day full of family, loveโ€ฆand good food, of course. I have to fuel up for my race tomorrow, after all. Although, letโ€™s be serious. Race or no race, I have no qualms with eating Thanksgiving lunch with […]

What’s New???

by tinareale on November 23, 2011

Hello, hello! Welcome to the first post of the Best Body Fitness blog! I look forward to sharing many things in the future โ€“ fitness tips, motivation, healthy living topics, recipes, and more. As much fun as all that will bring, I also need to emphasize something. The blog portion of this site will keep […]