upper body

It’s November. The busy holiday season is just around the corner. Or maybe already here for some of us. I’ll be busy. You’ll be busy. I’ll be tempted to skip a workout because time slips away. I have a feeling you’ll feel the same more days than usual as well. I’ll be enjoying a few […]

Move It Monday: Top Ten

by tinareale on October 28, 2013

For awhile now, I come to you on Monday with a fresh, new workout to share or some other fitness insight or motivation. Over time, I have shared quite a few of these workouts. You can find them all (or at least hopefully all if I have been doing a good job remembering to update) […]

Move It Monday: Back In Action

by tinareale on July 29, 2013

I know, I know! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? You want to know where the workouts have been. My internet giving me issues (again!) this morning certainly didn’t help. I have good news, though. Move It Monday is back in action today with a brand new workout for you. Since we’re “back” in action…I thought […]