Move It Monday: Bicep Blasters

by tinareale on March 18, 2013

Hello, hello! Did you have an awesome weekend? I hope you did. I know I look forward to filling you in on mine later this week. I have some fun things planned to kick us off for the week first, though. Like a giveaway you won’t want to miss tomorrow. Before I give away things, […]

Good morning! Did you have a nice weekend? I sure hope you did. We certainly enjoyed ourselves with a fairly relaxing one before some house projects have to start back up and consume our lives again. Hopefully they will get done quickly and be the last of them for a long while. At least we […]

Medicine Ball Circuit Workout

by tinareale on February 16, 2012

Ever since beginning training for my full marathon, I have found myself turning more and more to short weight workouts. Although the workouts are shorter than normal, that doesn’t make them any less effective. I have had quite a bit of fun experimenting with new workouts…and getting nice and sweaty (and sore!) in the process. […]